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Lisa & Jason's Love Story

Unique. Beautiful. Lifelong. These words can’t possibly capture the love we have for one another. Our story is ours. We wouldn’t change a thing. And we’re so grateful for our family and friends who have shared in our journey, supported us, and encouraged us to keep blazing a path that’s all ours every single day. 


Where to begin? We share passions which bind us, some deep in nature, others easygoing and rather hilarious. The ties that bind our love are rooted in loyalty, a love of our families which transcends ourselves, curiosity about the world, shared perspectives, a willingness to challenge one another, laughter, travel & exploration, a love of animals and our pets that’s beyond comprehension, convicted values with open minds, a desire to understand the world, and shared taste in reality TV (amazingly awful, highly entertaining trash) which enthralls us and keeps us laughing from the comfort of our bed nearly every single evening. 


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She’s the explorer. An avid hiker, lover of the outdoors, nature, and the peace which comes from taking in all God’s work through the lens of a trail, park, ocean, or airbnb. She's motivated by simplicity and the notion of time well spent together, far more than the material. She keeps him grounded, is his source of calm, understanding, and amazes him daily that she’s in love with someone who can, at any given time, appear completely insane. It’s his willingness to go above and beyond that intrigues her, as she knows he will always make sure she’s loved, has coffee when she needs it right on time in the morning, and will make sure we’re living beyond the scope of what she may have envisioned for herself. 

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He’s the dreamer. A vision for us that’s beyond our upbringing and exposure, he encourages her to put herself first, make purchases she wouldn’t make in a million years otherwise, and live a life that’s void of fear in what others may think, so long as we’re pursuing the path that’s best for her, our loved ones, and families. He’s the homebody, so they balance one another and embrace the desire one another have to pursue similar and different things. He has strong opinions, always shared with her. She has comments and thoughts on much of what she encounters, earning her the nickname “2 Cent” for preserving a willingness to weigh in on most any topic at any time. When he gets heated at a reality show TV character, she reminds him that she may have to watch without him if he can’t control his comments and erratic emotional outbursts. 


They’ve known one another for years and supported each other through the happiest and darkest of times. Their willingness to ride or die is deeper than most any couple they know. Her children, Baylee and Cameron, are her highest priority in life, followed by Delilah and Jack, their dogs. He wouldn’t have it any other way and loves them equally. His love of his parents, sister, nephews, and friends runs hot, often requiring her to remind him how to balance that love with practicality. 



They’re both career minded, often pushing one another to evaluate their motivation, supporting each other in problem solving, sharing respect for the investments of time, and her often needing to remind him that there’s a balance to be found, even if he struggles deeply in listening. 


While valuing their privacy, Lisa and Jason will live lives together which build back into the betterment of the world. They have visions of building a home together, living life void of limitations, being the best dog and grandparents one could find, and will take care of one another until the end of time. 


So please join us in celebrating something that’s, let’s just say, a long time coming. We love all of you. Thank you for being our rocks in life as we serve as boulders for one another. 

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